A Conversation with Musician Kate Beever #96 – conversation w/ Kate Beever

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0:00 Intro by The Lin

0:23 Sponsor and guest intros (and Kate reveals how DropTheBeat became her   nickname/middle name)

3:05 Kate introduces and explains music therapy and what she does. She also gets in to certification and other “therapies” that are commonly mistaned for what she does

7:30 Kate describes some techniques and gives examples of how they work. She also talks about the different instruments she uses.

12:30 Kate talks about being self employed, building her business, finding networks and clients, and the resources (or lack thereof) to help her.

(14:30 – Zach Jones “Wish I Could Dance” album track from Things Were Better)

18:30 Kate talks about presenting and building her brand along with music therapy as a whole. She talks support from the scene when she started. Also more about staying afloat as a small business owner.

24:00 Kate’s dealings with making people understand that this is a legit, certified therapy (with years of school) and different from other versions and “volunteers.” Also more on business, insurance side of it.

29:30 Kate gives us all of the links, sites, etc to find her as well as information and support sites on music therapy

31:30 Elykssor shirt for Kate and music therapy – fundraiser for a marketing video. Kate talks about staying local, working with locals.

(33:30 Marion Grace clip “Tired” from Lying Down Looking Up)

36:45 Kate talks school – USM, NYU. Also more on percussion and her various instruments. She also talks about all the local bands she’s played with/plays with now

41:00 Dan hates other cities, Kate loves some/hates some. Also, where Kate would go other than Portland for music therapy, how she started wanting this, and talking with younger people interested in it.

46:00 “This is a Thing,” sound therapy vs music therapy

49:10Too Wet To Pet” by Sunset Hearts from Deco Tech EP

53:30 Kate’s current local band projects

1:01:05 Episode wrap up, revisit links, byes, and a super top secret Kate Beever music moment!