At Maine Digital Press we produce programs about niche Maine topics.  We deliver these programs as Podcasts.  We love podcasts because the listener has total control over where and when they listen to each program.

Our Programs:


Our music program.  With this program, we dedicate each episode to a specific band or artist.  From time to time, we also incorporate people or places that are important or relevant to Maine’s musical world.  With each episode of freezingprocess you can expect a very in depth conversation with our guests.

The Split Screen Podcast

This program is about video games, comic books and movies.  Each of our guests are Mainers who are passionate about these subjects.  Every episode is dedicated to reviews, discussions, current events and news.

Melting Point

Our newest program!! Just launched on May 8!! This program is about all things fitness in Maine.  We want to explore fitness outside of the gym and highlight all of the amazing people, classes, training programs and alternative fitness venues that Maine has to offer.