A chat with 207 Brand with creator Glen Halliday episode 97 w/ 207 Brand:Glen Halliday

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In this episode of, we discuss 207 Brand with creator Glen Halliday.  207 Brand is a clothing company based on Maine’s local music community.  The topics covered in this episode were Glen’s connection to the music community, the 207 Brand launch and related unique music performances, as well as 207 Brand for non-artistic groups.

Music included in this episode : Dark Hollow Bottling Company, The Other Bones, Whitcomb, Worried Well, Spose & Cam Groves, Trails.

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0:00 Intro by The Lin

0:25 Intros and thanks – Glen HallidayBuck’s Naked BBQCrooked Cove

1:25 207 Brand intro – past, present, future from Glen. Glen’s background.

6:30 Bits on Kid’s Crooked Houses, Glen’s family

8:00 Glen’s designing and passion for/friends within the local music scene

10:35 207 Brand launch parties

13:05 Dark Hollow Bottling Co. “Why We Dream” track from American Ghosts

17:05 More on 207 launch events and the diverse group of artists involved, scene’s diversity as a whole (21:23 clip from The Other Bones “The Bad In Goodbye“)

23:35 New track from Whitcomb! “Blind” from their new album The Conqueror

27:50 Maine – Moose and Lobster – how to get Maine’s arts and businesses more on the map

31:30 How Glen chooses people, places to do 207 Brand work for. Worried Wellexample, etc

36:30 Merch and branding chat, where 207 Brand fits in (39:40 Spose feat Cam Grovesclip “Brain Not A Chain“)

49:25 Trails chat, Glen’s history with them

53:50 Trails – “Tiki Torch” album track

57:45 More on hip hop scene, Trails, DJ Rew, Glen gets into his dream of a studio/performance spot in his barn!

1:02:00 207 Brand for business entities, non-musical parties.

1:12:12 Worried Well “She’s Got Something To Say” from new album Luck

1:15:04 Future of 207 Brand, Glen’s links and info, bye!